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Stock Market Analysis: 09/20/10

The electronic air cleaner catches the smoke or smoke smell and traps it then carries it through the filtering system to put into process the production of a cleaner air to breathe in. You could put that $6,000 to work on January 1, or perhaps you may want to wait and feel out the market. I hope to do another better trade but I need the market to come in order to find another trendy boutique . Preferred stock holders have some degree of ownership on the company and under any circumstances they are assured of certain amount of payback. The news was good for the company but bad for the stock price as the stock plummet down more with more heavy sellers. The company then issue a dividend today to stop partial of the bleeding. Today CIMB issue a buy rating for Cityneon @1.15 where the report had some good technical analysis on the bullishness for the stock. I decided to give a bullish alert and told everyone that the stock is ready soon. Just nice when I saw some bullish reports for Cityneon today, I decided that the stock has reached a temporary peak and hence sent out a Whatsapp alert to lock in profits right at the very peak 1.175. Cityneon tumbled big time towards end of day.


In the afternoon about 2pm plus, the stock started to experienced more big buyers with bigger volumes with huge amount of buying activities going on. I saw some powerful collections this morning and when my student alerted me that some big players were eating Capitaland furiously, I started to sent the Whatsapp out and then suddenly in the afternoon, more big bites started to follow through and the stock flew. The efforts put in by the stock market advisory services reflect which analyzing the statistical performance of the traders’ profitability. Earnings continue to come in better than expected but the market is nervous about negative Coronavirus headlines. That increased sales, but capital intensity made long-term profits difficult to come by. I believe the price on Monday has already ran ahead of this anticipated news and because the Dow was up 700 points on Monday evening, the BBs used this 700 points as an alibi to lock in profits yesterday since the stock gap up so heavily. Thereafter, I posted on my blog again to reiterate that Sembmarine is breaking down soon when it was trading at 1.755. So for the rest who add on short positions, today you are in some good profits.